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All new clients should start with a consultation. Here we can identify your needs and work on a plan to achieve them in the way that makes best sense to you.


We have several dogs available within our foster and training programs that are looking for lifelong partners just like you! Ask about what trained dogs we have available today.


Dogs you own may stay with us for our boarding and training programs for service and therapy dogs. Here our master trainers work with the animals to teach them to excel at their future jobs.


Our experienced and friendly training coaches can help you work with your own dog to teach you both how to accomplish your training goals in service and/or therapy work.

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Why A Service Dog?

Our mission to provide quality service animals and training
We believe everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their potential.

When that potential becomes limited by psychiatric, emotional, and physical disability however, that's where the dogs can step in and make a big difference. Canine Assisted Therapy is a proven valuable supplement to conventional treatment plans, because of their ability to relate without judgment, and happily perform tasks to assist us in everyday activities.

A service dog can accompany you through whatever challenge the day provides and see that you make it through, together and as a team. They are teachers as much as they are students, and the mutual trust and understanding between K9 Service Teams is unique and unmatched by anything manmade.


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Found her forever home!
Meet K9 Poppy, who lives with one of our trainers during her fostering stage. She’s the biggest and liveliest of the prospects but with just as much pack drive and desire to please. She loves to play and train, and is the dog who will be happy to work hard all day long!


Available now!
K9 Zoey is the smaller littermate to Poppy, from a breeder we’ve trained successful service dogs from before. She loves everyone she comes across, and is super eager to learn. She’s living with her foster family who does an amazing job at keeping up on her training!


Found her forever home!
K9 Willow is the daughter of a working therapy dog, trained in our program. With heroic genes like this we’re sure Willow will follow in her father’s paw prints! Not to mention she’s as sweet as candy and loves nothing more than being with her person.

Curious how you can change someone's life by fostering a future Service K9?