October 18, 2017

About Us

Our Merits

Our Life Unleashed staff have decades of experience working with and training dogs for service work, pet obedience, fixing behavioral issues, and most importantly, working with our clients to build a great relationship with their dog based off of clear communication. This diverse background gives us the ability to work with all kinds of dogs and clients. Our service dogs are sourced from breeders to shelters, and our clients range from children to adults to active duty and retired US armed forces.


Our Training

With collective decades of experience in teaching and competing with dogs in the highest levels of obedience sports, we have established a balanced training system that does much more than teach behaviors. We created a series of communication tools, a symbiotic language, that both handler and K9 understand perfectly.


With this communication our teams aren't limited by sit, down, and heel: new expectations can be taught on the fly, new obstacles overcome then and there. Just as your dog will be there to assist you with whatever you need, you'll be there to guide them as well.