October 18, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s the difference between a service and therapy dog?

In short, a service dog provides assistance for their handler with a psychiatric, emotional, or physical disability, and therefore is allowed public access to be able to provide this service. A therapy  dog provides comfort, support, and educational opportunities for others, whether they be in counselor offices, hospitals, or at our training center. While these jobs aren't mutually exclusive, the distinction is important to make!

Can you train my dog to be a service/therapy dog?

The short answer: yes! The long answer: it depends on the dog! Not all dogs have the temperament cut out for this work, which is why we carefully analyze and vet our prospects before they enter our programs. If you already have a dog and are interested in training, there's still a good chance they can be candidates for our training program, either through boarding and training or private lessons. Call to schedule an evaluation to get started!

Do you provide fully trained dogs?

We have dogs available that are fully trained for public access, CGC certified with rock solid obedience. After our dogs are matched with their future handler we will begin to train the specific tasks and work required of them. Once the service dog team is finalized we finish off whatever training is required and the dog is yours! With any purchase of a Life Unleashed Service K9 comes with ten private lessons, public access certification from us, AKC Canine Good Citizen certification, and lifetime support for both you and your dog.